Our Office

In our office, our goal is to make your visit an enjoyable experience. Our beach theme décor was designed to make infants, children, teens AND parents feel relaxed and comfortable.

From your initial entrance into our doors, we want to make the time in our office as smooth as possible. In our waiting room, we have video games, movies, and books available, making it easier for parents to check-in and complete necessary paperwork. We also provide an option to complete paperwork online.

We have invested in the latest in digital radiography, increasing our ability to make effective treatment planning while decreasing radiation exposure during x-rays.

We have a private treatment area for our infants and toddlers because our youngest patients often do better in future visits when they have a positive first experience.

Our open bay hygiene areas are designed with comfortable chairs for patients and room for parents to join their kids during exams. We also have ceiling monitors to help kids to take a break and watch a movie during treatment, an effective tool for distracting patients while they are adjusting to a new experience.

We also have a “private cabana” areas where restorative treatment can be done when necessary or where older teenagers can feel even more comfortable.

Our office is a place that your kids will be excited to come back to, making your routine dental exams even easier.